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23 September 2017

How we are different

If you are considering outsourcing your company’s IT services, make sure you know what you are getting.

Do you want a cookie-cutter IT services package? Look elsewhere.

Are you looking for an IT firm that charges you extra for emergency calls? Keep moving.

Do you need your IT techs to have no personality and only interact well with machines? That’s not us.

Do you want an experienced IT team that charges a flat monthly rate (with no hidden fees) or pay by the hour and who understand you and your business needs? You do? Well, you’ve found us!

People-first IT Services

Unlike the stereotypical IT tech who prefers computers to people, the IT outsourcing team at The Computer Admin love to work with people and San Diego businesses. We see you and your team as real people and not just “computer users.” You will not only be treated with respect, our team will actually talk to you about things that are not just computer-based.

Business-based Solutions

When you hire The Computer Admin to handle your IT outsourcing services, the first thing we will do is learn about your business and how it runs. By understanding the functions of your business, our IT team can create solutions to use technology to keep your business running.

No Long-term Contracts or Hidden Fees

Do you have a fear of commitment when it comes to outsourcing your IT services? That’s OK. You can try us for a month (or 3 months, or even a year) and if we don’t meet your needs, you can walk away.

Yes, it’s that simple. There are no startup fees, no hidden fees for extra services or agreement termination, and no long-term contract to sign. There are no strings attached.

Personality and Expertise

With more than 30 years of combined industry experience, you might expect our IT team to be, well, a little nerdy. While we may laugh at tech humor a little more than the average Joe (or Jane), we are proud of the fun personalities on our team. We like to work with people – not just machines.

Schedule an IT Outsourcing Consultation Today

Are you ready to trust your IT outsourcing services to our unique team? We hope so! Call (502) 406-4486 today to schedule a consultation.

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